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2 avril 2012 1 02 /04 /avril /2012 14:09

Got the licence at JAF. We went to the atago shrine to see the view of the city and enjoy the cherry blossoms.

Japan---2012---Kyushu 0019-copie-1

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1 avril 2012 7 01 /04 /avril /2012 14:46

Picnic in the park next to Nozomi's house. Several families were enjoying the cherry blossoms. It was a peaceful moment.

Japan---2012---Kyushu 0012

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8 mars 2009 7 08 /03 /mars /2009 00:00

We woke up at 11am and drove to the next town to get petrol (we were not sure to make it – I calculated afterwards that we probably had 4L left). We wanted to head back straight to Melbourne with a stop at Canberra (Australia's capital, not Sydney). Canberra is very peaceful but not as pretty than I expected. I was also a bit deceived by the modern architecture of the parliament that we visited for 2hrs. After that we just drove straight away to Melbourne and arrived at 10.30pm.


The only country eating their animal's flag :)




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7 mars 2009 6 07 /03 /mars /2009 00:00

We left her place at 3.30pm and we drove to Jervis bay, which took us 2hrs. Once there we faced an entry of the national park where the employee told us that there was no available camp site left. We decided not to stay at Jervis Bay but just had a look at Hyams Beach, renowned for its whitest sand in the world. We tried to camp at the next national park but it was a public holiday, consequently the place was very crowded, even though there was a 10kms drive on an unsealed road! Finally we decided to camp inland, closer to Canberra. We drove at night in a scary forest in the middle of nowhere, with an almost empty tank and a heavy tiredness. We could not find the camp and decided to keep going a bit further, to stop anywhere we could settle down the tent – a rest area was ideal if we had enough petrol to get there. Finally we made it and went to bed as soon as possible. The rest area was amazingly packed with campers, because it was close to a natural reserve.



Oz navy




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6 mars 2009 5 06 /03 /mars /2009 00:00


We woke up at 11am, packed up rapidly after breakfast and crossed the forest to the beach, where we met a fisherman and its dog. We hit back the road to Woolongong, 100kms south of Sydney, and stopped to high sand dunes close to Anna bay (Nelson bay) and arrived at 11pm, where we met Nozomi's friend.





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5 mars 2009 4 05 /03 /mars /2009 00:00

We woke up with the sound of the music, very nice. We drove towards Sydney (300kms) and stopped by a national park close to Kempsey. We were surrounded by some kind of tropical trees and found enough wood to make a big fire and cooked a fish on it. We went to bed at 3am.





Almost got it on my face at night

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4 mars 2009 3 04 /03 /mars /2009 00:00

We should have checked out at 10am but were quite tired and decided to stay another night in order to enjoy peacefully the day in this artistic hippy town which attracted more tourists than I thought, even though most of the inhabitants looked truly hippy, a bit in another dimension. Indeed, at Nimbin's museum it really smelled pot and people were smoking inside the bar. The bar tender forgot our coffees twice (there were just 6 customers) and later on the cloth seller, waiting to get back to his friends outside the store, was very confused and did not know how to give Nozomi's change back. The people were very warm and friendly in this town, it has to be noted. We also went to a candle factory were they explained their process to make non toxic candles – Nozomi bought quite a lot of them. Then, back to the camp site we met few people, spoke with an old painter travelling / camping since 3 years.


Candle factory


That's the spirit



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3 mars 2009 2 03 /03 /mars /2009 00:00

We left at 1.30pm for the Quicksilver surf championship at Tweed Head, close to Gold Coast. The competition was not on at the time but there were some good surfers (one even swam with a dolphin). Then we went shopping and left for Nimbin. We were surprised to see that the town was so high in the mountains. We searched for one hour in the dark the location of a camp site in a national park, but we could not find it and looked for another camp site in another national park close by. The only problem was the unsealed road leading to it – without a 4WD it was a nightmare, that's why we decided to head back to the public camp site of Nimbin around 9pm. We were exhausted.

img 0655

I can do that :)

img 0660

What's the hell???

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2 mars 2009 1 02 /03 /mars /2009 00:00

Packed up everything straight after waking up at 7am, left at 7.30am and went to the port to approach the dolphins very near. We took a shower in the public amenities, cleaned the car and hit the road for the glass house, which is a set of lava residues alike mountains. The formation of those mountains peaking in a champaign is due to the total erosion of the volcano leaving the dried lava from its chimney intact because of a different composition. Then we drove to Brisbane to eat in a fine Australian restaurant called Tukka: it was a bit expensive but it was overall very good. We ate mainly emu, kangaroo, possum and many types of berries (tukkas). Then we went back to Ryoko's place. The girls were chatting up to 3am, I was bored and just read, wrote and spoke a bit with Ryoko's house mates.


Glass house moutain


bush tukkas

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1 mars 2009 7 01 /03 /mars /2009 00:00

We woke up at 7am in order to have breakfast and be at 8am in the bus – we were not late this time! In fact, the annoying point in the tour was a tight schedule to see things with a very strict timing. We went straight to the lake MacKenzie, which is a damp of pure raining water with a bottom made of 98.5% silica sand, which means that the sand was very white and the water pure. The weather being sunny, without any cloud in the sky, the lake was perfectly blue. We arrived the first ones and had two hours to swim in the water which was quite warm. After that we ate lunch at the resort at 12pm and headed then to lake Wabby, which is a green lake surrounded half by a forested hill and half by a sandy hill. We needed 45mn to walk there and swam with big cat fishes. We went back to the 4WD bus at 3.15pm, stopped quickly at the resort and finally drove back to the port, which was actually just a clearing in the bush. We arrived at the car at 6pm, got beer, food and bait, and then I went fishing until 9.30pm. We had a barbecue close to the pier and headed off to Tin Can bay. We arrived at the camp site at midnight, settled down the small tent to gain time and to pack up quicker in the morning to see the dolphins before 8am.


Lake MacKenzie



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